Jun 09 2016

There is a connection between ‪#‎Astrology‬ and your energetic field – The Astrology of the Chakras

There is a connection between ‪#‎Astrology‬ and your energetic field – The Astrology of the Chakras

It is well known to many of us by now that the “human energy field” is comprised of seven major energy centers or chakras that are located along the cerebral-spinal axis. Each of these centers acts as a substation or transformer of the universal energy or prana that flows through the medulla at the base of the skull. As the prana descends through the five lower chakras it is transformed or modified from it’s pure state. If the lower chakras are clear and free of negative impressions (trauma, suppression, etc.) then the prana is free to ascend back to the upper chakras leading to higher states of consciousness.

If the lower chakras are blocked, however, then the prana is blocked from ascending and these energetic blockages begin to manifest as “dis-ease” on mental, emotional and physical levels. In other words, if we have blockages in any of the chakras it means we have broken our “attune”-ment with universal life force energy on a subtle, or not so subtle, level. Since the chakras are energy centers that respond to vibration, one of the ways that we can come back into alignment or attunement is through the conscious use of vibration, music and movement.

One of the tools that can help us in this journey is an understanding, through the use of astrology, of the relationship between the chakras and the planets. In the astrological world each of the chakras is associated with or is governed by a different planet. On an energetic level the astrological chart is a map of not only the inter-relationship of the planets but a map of the inter-relationship and condition of the chakras. In essence, we have our own inner solar system that guides the evolution of our consciousness through the various chakra centers. By understanding the planetary quality of each chakra we can use specific forms of music, vibration and movement to awaken and open each chakra and energize ourselves.

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