9 mukhi mala pure silver


This again is one of the multipurpose Rudrakshas, 9 mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Nav Durga (9 forms of goddess Durga), Each & every goddess blesses you in a specific way,9 mukhi Rudraksha is excellent for people facing sloth, inertia, low energy levels; it helps us gear up & blesses you with dynamism.,This Rudraksha also includes the benefits of a 7 mukhi Rudraksha(goddess mahalaxmi is one of the 9 durgas) & helps its possessor overcome financial obstacles, Being symbol of Mother Durga, it also blesses you with lot of protection from evil & negativity., Excellent for growing children as it protects them & also blesses them with good memory power,creativety,talent channelization, focus, concentration & logical thinking(Goddess saraswati).,Very good for people who do not have a good mother – child relationship. Also recommended for people who face problems due to a weak or negative Ketu / Dragons tail.

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