vastu dosh nivarak kavach


Vastu Dosha Nivaran kawach is to be hanging in door  for  removing Vastu faults of any place may it be Home, Office, Showroom or a Factory. Any place is supposed to have a Vastu Fault whenever the construction of that place has not been done according to the Principles of Vastu. These principles take into consideration all the 8 main directions as well as the 5 basic elements which are Water, Earth, Fire, Space & Air. Whenever, there is a imbalance between these 5 elements, then a Vastu Dosha develops in that dwelling and any person residing in it or working in it has to suffer the negative effects of such a Vastu fault. These negative effects manifest themselves in the form of Diseases, Health Problems, Financial Problems, Loss of Peace & Prosperity as well as Name & Fame.

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